about junebug

Junebug is our affectionate nickname for our youngest daughter, Juno Kate. Juno was born with congenital unilateral hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia differs from patient to patient. In Juno's case, there are two problems: first, her left hip socket is too shallow, allowing her femoral head to slip in and out easily. Second, there is something obstructing the socket or pulling the femoral head out of the socket.
After spending four months trying to treat Juno's HD with non-invasive braces, we decided the time had come to take a more aggressive approach to her treatment. Juno will have surgery and be put into a body cast when she is 5 1/2 months old.
Junebug is the darling of our family, adored by her older sisters Tempe and Helena. She is such a trooper and we are so proud of how she adapts to all the things we have strapped her little body into.
Junebug Parties is my way of dealing with the stress and frustration that accompanies Juno's HD. I have found that life is worth celebrating--even when you are in a body cast!