about me

Hi! I'm Kate. I have a passion for entertaining simply and on a budget. I'm always on the lookout for something to celebrate and I have been known to start planning my kids' birthday parties up to {7 months} in advance! I love the satisfaction that comes from thinking of the perfect theme for the occasion and carrying it through, from the invitations to the decorations to the food. For me, party planning goes hand-in-hand with thrifting and DIY projects, which keeps me on budget and allows me to be a {full participant} in the creative process.

Wanna know more?
I have been married to my best friend Jason since 2005 and together we have 3 adorable daughters: Tempe (2006), Helena (2008), and Juno (2010). I blog about our daily life over at my kids eat off the floor.
My favorite color is apparently turquoise. I say apparently because I wouldn't say that my favorite color is turquoise, but based on the amount of turquoise in my house, my closet, and my kids' closets, I guess it's my favorite color.
I recently painted my front door royal purple.
My favorite Picnik effect is cross process. I use it way too much.
I suffer from crippling Mommy guilt.