Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sidewalk chalk festival

Hi! If you are visiting from Tip Junkie, welcome! What an honor to find my sidewalk chalk party posted there. You might notice that this blog has been inactive for quite a while. I decided to post my parties on my other blog, my kids eat off the floor, instead. I'd love to have some visitors over there!
Today we kicked off the summer with a fun party for the neighborhood kids.
It was actually 4 1/2 year old Tempe's idea. We went to a local chalk festival a few weeks ago and she has been asking me when we can have one of our own ever since. I thought the first week of summer vacation was the perfect occasion!
I kept it simple with store-bought popsicles (Scribblers--they are shaped like sidewalk chalk!), lemonade, and baskets of sidewalk chalk scattered around the driveway. The moms sat in the shade and chatted while the kids went crazy with the sidewalk chalk--and I was amazed by their creativity!
I made the invitation on Picnik and printed it on cardstock. I loooooove how it turned out!

We invited about 25 kids, ranging in age from 18 months to 11 years. This is the perfect party for a big range of ages. Toddlers to tweens love sidewalk chalk--actually, some of the moms were getting into it, too! We had a great time and I think it might become an annual tradition :)